About Masjid Zakariya

How We Started

The areas of Agbrigg and Belle Vue in Wakefield are 2 miles south of the city centre. The Muslim community first settled here over 60 years ago. They were initially drawn to the area due to the affordable terraced housing and job opportunities available in the nearby textile mill.

The first Masjid in Agbrigg was founded in 1983, a mid-terraced house located at 26 Catherine Street. It is a valuable resource for the community serving as both a Masjid and a Madrassah. Generations of local residents have fond memories of learning the Qur’an and general Islamic Studies in this Madrassah.


Since then, Agbrigg and Belle Vue has been enriched by other cultures and communities including the arrival of Muslim families originating from North and Central Africa. As the Muslim community in Agbrigg and Belle Vue grew, so did the Masjid. In 2006 it relocated to larger premises on the same street and now Masjid Zakariya comprises a purpose-built Masjid and Madrassah where four terraced houses used to stand. It is attended now by approximately 150 students.

Eduction Centre Project

We strive for progression and understand the benefits the religion of Islam can bring to our youth and our community at large. We have acquired a plot of land opposite the Masjid to build a purpose-built Madrassah for our female students. This is an ambitious project and one in which we will require the assistance of our brothers and sisters.

The building will be used by generations of students who will learn to read the Qur’an and acquire Islamic knowledge. Thus, they will grow up learning Islamic principles and in turn they will teach others about the beauty of Islam. This building represents an opportunity for us all to contribute to the Islamic teaching of our most precious asset, our young people.

This building is great opportunity for us to donate towards and will be a means of Sadaqah Jariyah for the hereafter. InshAllah, you will also reap the benefits and opportunities that it bring to our community.     

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