Assalaamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

Masjid Zakariya Funeral Committee has been solely created to be offered as a pillar of support and guidance for all when they have been affected with the death of a loved family member or friend.

The purpose behind our establishment is to entirely take the burden and weight off all family members and friends so that we can hasten to fulfill our rights upon the deceased in accordance to the Islamic Manner.

Our dedicated Funeral Committee will carry out and effectively deal with all the funeral rituals services.

If you have been afflicted with the passing away of a loved one, please contact one of the individuals below:

  • Hassan Javed (Roomey)- 07851246261
  • Mohammed Imran – 07773772503
  • Maulana Omar Farooq – 07899807645

Please note- any funeral queries or contact should not be made to the Imam’s.


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